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PSxP main panels

Posted July 20, 2013 By martin

The current PSxPoker project is a free Program to get all the players’ habbits at your table. Get a very fast read on any player and view it on a simple, small display. and C# Poker HUD Sourcecode available on this site.

Download PSxP latest version

Download PSxP2 latest version

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pref2 main streets


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PSxP will list the current players at your PokerStars™ table, Record and Display the following…


  • each hand they have played and how many times they played it
  • how they bet that hand and whether it won or lost
  • bets and raises, allins, folds, folded to bets and calls in every position preflop
  • bets, Cbets, folds, calls, raises, on flop, turn and river
  • Percentage Player is involved in a hand (loose / tight)
  • Percentage Player sees flop, turn and river
  • percentage of wins, uncalled wins, losses
  • percentage of allin wins, uncalled wins, losses
  • ratio of bets vs calls (passive / agressive)
  • generates text based report on a player with 1 click
  • compiles every hand seen by every player and displays it’s wins/losses/odds on listview and quickclick app (dockable).
  • has live chat room with your own chat server for YOUR teams privacy
  • chat includes built in bot to manage chat environment
  • chat is richtext with emotiacons, messages, instant message, seen, kick, etc.
  • has small button panel with 12 user defined buttons that sends multiline text to your clubs chat table (dockable)
  • enables paste text in table chat (chat tools were made for club use, please dont spam the tables)
  • all of the panels drop down from the small app with a single click
  • the colored ratios make it very easy to learn and recognize
  • choose current session or add players entire history
  • built to T.O.S. rules at the time of this writing (must be sat in to data mine that table, cannot make suggestions on play, etc.)
  • Poker HUD source code VB.NET and C# and help at this site, just look around or ask in a post reply or comment.


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