30 million playchip hand on pokerstars



Pokerstars™ now has 50k/100k-play chip ring games. On weekdays they seat some  talented players(allot of post-black friday U.S. players) that can give some  good competition. “play chips”, these chips do have value, and they are resalable for up to 5 U.S. per mil. Great for club hosting or playing high stakes ring tables or tourneys. You can sit at a ring table with a 10 mil stack and I suggest starting the game with Tight Aggressive play until your HUD sorts out the bunch and you catch a hand. I have played a few on weekends and judging by the poor play,  Some of these players are surely buying their chips. Limping with trash with 5 to 6 people seeing the flop and 1 bet/3 call action on a garbage flop. Throw the buy out the window and be prepared for 2 or 3 calls of four times the big blind on your late position raise.  Come join the fun.


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