sorry, I don’t have write privs on

 so if you got linked here,

the labels have been moved to…

ill fix up the instructions soon, good luck at the tables!!


  1. Comment by martin:

    gl. if you need help importing the player labels into pokerstars msg or email me at

  2. Comment by Kelly:

    Wow! Thanks, Martin… I didn’t use it this season, but will definitely try it next season! You are a genius 🙂

  3. Comment by Doris:

    Hey I just found it and used it so easy thanks Martin Everyone should use this so much easier

  4. Comment by martin:

    Season 7 Labels Are Done!!!

  5. Comment by adele:

    was very easy to download and instal ty Martin

  6. Comment by L B Johnny:

    The link to change the labels to the current season is as easy as falling out of bed. Kudos Martin ! ! !

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