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float play from the big blind

Posted July 10, 2013 By martin

*** HOLE CARDS ***
Dealt to zx martin xz 8c5h
UTG: folds
UTG+1: folds
MP: folds
HJ: folds
CT: folds
SB: calls 125
zx martin xz: checks

—– this is a great flop to float—–

*** FLOP *** 4c4hQs
SB: bets 500

—– at this point you pause, already planning on raising the turn, and flat call his bet —–

zx martin xz: calls 500

*** TURN *** 4c4hQs 3d
SB: bets 500

—– a very fast raise (the smallest that will get the job done)  here will portray an excited newb and should work —–

zx martin xz: raises 500 to 1000

—– he didn’t get lucky (2 cards in 46 = 4% chance he had the 4) and folds the winning hand—–

SB: folds

Uncalled bet (500) returned to zx martin xz
zx martin xz collected 2710 from pot
zx martin xz: shows 8c5h

*** SUMMARY ***
Total pot 2710 | Rake 0
Board 4c4hQs3d

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New “per seat” poker HUD addon to PSxP 2

Posted July 9, 2013 By martin

top: test light, player name, amount of hands
left: vp$ip, steal %, fold to steal %
mid: FTB pre, FTB, flop, FTB turn, FTB river (fold vs call a bet)
right: win% and AGG, sees flop-turn-rvr,  bets vs calls, wins-UCwins-loss

I set this data up so it will actually be usefull this time. Very easy to read at a glance. Lets hope its quick and updates nice. I’m ganna finish the coding this week and test next weekend.



pokerstars HUD and Tracker

Posted July 7, 2013 By martin


This is a free Pokerstars HUD project currently under development by us.


The App is always changing and growing to allow us to understang more and more about our game. It allows us to compare our play against other winning and losing players, and allows us to find and fix leaks in our game. As always it is free of malware, free of spam, and free to everyone. If you are a programmer and have a question about it, ask anything, anytime, it will get answered.

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30 million playchip hand on pokerstars

Posted July 2, 2013 By martin



Pokerstars™ now has 50k/100k-play chip ring games. On weekdays they seat some  talented players(allot of post-black friday U.S. players) that can give some  good competition. “play chips”, these chips do have value, and they are resalable for up to 5 U.S. per mil. Great for club hosting or playing high stakes ring tables or tourneys. You can sit at a ring table with a 10 mil stack and I suggest starting the game with Tight Aggressive play until your HUD sorts out the bunch and you catch a hand. I have played a few on weekends and judging by the poor play,  Some of these players are surely buying their chips. Limping with trash with 5 to 6 people seeing the flop and 1 bet/3 call action on a garbage flop. Throw the buy out the window and be prepared for 2 or 3 calls of four times the big blind on your late position raise.  Come join the fun.

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PSxP just moved here

Posted July 1, 2013 By martin


we just moved so please give me time to do some stuff.

wtehg wetrhgwhteg wethgwehy wethwteh wethwtehg ewthweth ewsrthwtehg te eryjheryh eryjh etyr jert yj treyj ery j etryj etry j eryjh ery je ryj etry jer yh gbrju rtny r 6yetn 6 hy juyh nj 57yt r6uj yth fj uynt j 45ytnh fd ju6 jyh rej u6 yh t  6jury hj u6 jmntyh h j6uy nt j6uj ytnh  y5tj r ytj t ujki7 6km yjnh  gko ,mgki jn  kgmj h  dhgfj hk m jnh bg dhfjgku  hugmgj fnhb gr try htujy ituy mki yjnhtbrg vtvry hturyit uyo mkiy jnthb rgv yhtu rjiytukm yjn htb rgh trnjy mku ytjn thbyg ry hbtu rnytmu yt knjthb r tmkyj nthb r ht njytmk jn thbr gv yhbnj ymk tn rthbr gv bhtj nytmk tjnthb rgv bht jny


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