pokerstars HUD and Tracker


This is a free Pokerstars HUD project currently under development by us.


The App is always changing and growing to allow us to understang more and more about our game. It allows us to compare our play against other winning and losing players, and allows us to find and fix leaks in our game. As always it is free of malware, free of spam, and free to everyone. If you are a programmer and have a question about it, ask anything, anytime, it will get answered.


  1. Comment by cadaver:

    Using and understanding how to leverage the use of any hud is the main reason of success for the vast majority of poker players. It speeds up your learning so fast, it often pays for itself in days. The fact that it is so cheap is just amazing. I think I would be a winning player without a HUD but the day I got my first poker software, I instantly found and fixed a bunch of leaks in my game.
    You can not underestimate how valuable it is, it is better than any book or poker video for the same price.

    poker HUDS are absolutely vital to improving your game.

    • Comment by martin:

      yes, the hundreds of hours I have spent on this simple tool (im learning while building this project) was hell. but just writing it has changed my game for the better. if i could do it over i would shell out the 120 bucs for holdem manager or poker tracker, and spend those hours at the tables. but what the heck, it keeps the brain firing as a hobby.

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