PSxP 2 free pokerstars HUD and Tracker released


download PSxP2T with Tourney Tracker and seat HUDs

(you must be saving Pokerstars Hand History  and Tourney Summary files for this to work)

(playchip friendly, free of spam, free to everyone)


folds to bet % preflop, flop, turn, river

the 4 green and orange bars
the top bar is preflop, next is flop, next is turn, and the bottom green and black bar is river.
these controls start “borderless” and have a border around them when the first bet is called by them or folded to by them.
the green represents “folds to a bet” when a bet is made by someone and that player folds to that bet
the orange represents “calls a bet” when a bet is made by someone and that player calls that bet.
green is (folds to bet / (calls bet + folds to bet))

preflop aggression

the black and orange vertical bar on the left
the red bar represents the percentage of preflop raises (PFR) in the hands he was involved in (vp$ip)
so if a player has a vp$ip of 20 and a PFR of 10, the orange bar will be half way (50% preflop aggression)
orange is (pfr / vp$ip)

preflop raise (PFR)

the silver number just right of the preflop aggression bar
this number is the percentage of total hands dealt that the player raised preflop
if the player opened his 2 hole cards with a bet or raise then the hand is counted, otherwise it is not
((preflop bets + preflop raises) / total hands dealt) * 100

voluntarily put money in pot (vp$ip)

the yellow number just right of the preflop aggression bar
this number is the percentage of total hands dealt that the player made the descision to put chips in the pot
includes calling the limp or raise while in the small blind
does not include checking while in the big blind
((preflop calls + preflop bets) / total hands dealt) * 100

move all huds

the top left box
drag the form by this box and all forms will move
you can save all the positions to start up next time, as they are now, on the settings page

players name and move all HUDS

the white top center label
the player’s name that the HUD’s stats represent
the data is collected after the hand, so if a player changes seats, it will show up in the following hand
drag here to  move this HUD only

winning percent

the light blue number below the players name
the percentage of pots the player wins vs loses
includes uncalled wins
(wins + uncalled wins) / (wins + uncalled wins + losses) * 100

 hand count

the gray, top right number
the amount of collected hands that the data on that HUD represents
could be the players entire history or just the current session, whichever is loaded

 playing style

the white abbreviated styles below the hand count
breaks the players style down to 1 of 49 different styles of torque (loose to tight) and aggression (passive to aggressive)

sLsuper loosevp$ip of 61 or more
vLvery loosevp$ip of 51 to 60
Lloosevp$ip of 41 to 50
avaveragevp$ip of 31 to 40
Ttightvp$ip of 21 to 30
vTvery tightvp$ip of 11 to 20
sTsuper tightvp$ip of 10 or less


sPsuper passivePFR of 10 or less
vPvery passivePFR of 11 to 20
PpassivePFR of 21 to 30
avaveragePFR of 31 to 40
AaggressivePFR of 41 to 50
vAvery aggressivePFR of 51 to 60
sAsuper aggressivePFR 61 or greater

 sees Flop, Turn, River

the dark gray, light gray, and white bar on the right
the white bar represents ALL flops, it will fill if the player has seen 1 or 350 flops, it is the entire length always
the control is there to see how often his flops see turns and rivers
the light gray is the percentage of flops that the player is still in on the turn
the dark gray bar is the percentage of flops that the player is still in on the river
these bars are overlapped (the river covers turn, the turn covers flop) and they all start at the left of the control
so if a player saw 3 flops, 2 of them went to the turn, and 1 of them went to river, it would be look like it is split into thirds.,

 aggression factor

red and aqua bar on the right
total bets vs total calls

wins and losses

blue and yellow bar on the bottom right
dark blue = showdown wins
light blue = uncalled wins
yellow = showdown losses


choice of 1 of 3 different views per seat (H, N, S buttons on right)




  1. Comment by JcashP:

    Just saying I have used 3 different poker tools or huds or whatever. This one doesn’t come with a tracker which is a drawback but this is the best display I have ever seen. The best being the 4 green bars I think. They have doubled my uncalled bluffs. Find the players who call pre and fold on the flop, turn and river and target their folding spot. be sure to find the bet that works for THEM. You should add the bet they fold to. thanks, good tool. does the free trial expire?

    • Comment by martin:

      no there’s no trial, its completely free, have fun. yes im working on the tracker now, starting with tourney placements and $ in and out. after that ill include chases, etc. I also have the codes written for the push off bets and the save slot made. I’ve just been busy, thanks for the input.

  2. Comment by ian:

    Nice free poker tracker. Thank you for the great work, I couldn’t bring myself to pay 120.00 US to track my 1.00 US tournaments.

  3. Comment by raphael:

    This poker hud takes a couple of games to figure out but I have used it for 5 weeks and after two years of playing on pokerstars, I see some mistakes I am making. its nice to be able to see the hands that other people play. I think that is one of the best parts of your project.
    I will link this free one from my homepage.

  4. Comment by maxhr:

    Hello man, awesome software. I was trying to do a HUD for pokerstars and I found your page. I’m a programmer and I was wondering if you can share with me your HUD source code. Very thanks. My mail is

    • Comment by martin:

      what language? that HUD was written in VB I think… yeah VB. I may have some C# stuff but i’ll have to dig around. I have been working on some other things so I have to load up some drives and look around.

      • Comment by maxhr:

        Nice!, VB it’s OK, It’s my first time with PInvoke and this stuff, I’ll try to convert later in a C# Solution (my prefered language in .net).
        I will be grateful to what you can send me.

      • Comment by Gary:

        Hi I am just starting to build my own hud in c# as a learning project, can you share your source code?thanks

  5. Comment by Toon E:

    It does not seem to work with the default directories in the EU version of Pokerstars

    • Comment by martin:

      damn, sorry… you can use the app created directory “\Documents\HH”. Save your Hand History files there and all is good.

      I have been working on some other stuff but plan a full source code release when I get back to this project (I also need cash TS files for the tracker as I can’t write the codes from the states because of the lovely poker ban here).

  6. Comment by peternews:


    the PS client (FR version like all i think) create a folder for the hand history with the player name

    So you indicate to indexing the hand history to the HH folder created by PSX but in this HH folder PS client will create anotehr folder “player name”

    But theres no possibility in PSX to change the HH folder

    Can you fix this please because your HUD is awesome


  7. Comment by Niels Croes:

    Hello Martin,

    Your HUD look great. Looking forward to play with it.

    I can’t seem to find the sourse code link. Maybe I’m doing something wrong.
    Is it possible to send it to me?

    Many thanks.
    Niels (Holland)

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