PSxP instructions

Using the PSxP App


The Splash Screen

splash screen of PSxP poker application HUD

(click the holdem button)

When you run the app it will load and show this splash screen. Click the “holdem” button.  If it’s the first time you’ve opened it, it will prompt you to enter a simple user name, that user name is used throughout the app for helpfull hints, greetings, chat and messages. Because the chat commands are text based, make it easy on everybody and choose a short version of your name (3 to 6 characters in length). Once you enter your name it is saved in your settings and can be changed at anytime.



The Holdem HUD

left image “empty”

right image “name selected”


mainempty              mainloaded


Main App Top Bar
0amount of hands recorded this session
labelPlayers Name, mouse down to drag app, double click to show/hide panels
_minimize this and any docked forms
Xexit this and any docked forms
Main App Left Area
totaltotal number of hands displayed on the current player
involvedhow loose the player is... percentage of hands the player is involved in (all but folds)
winspercentage of curent players wins... (wins + uncalled wins) divided by (wins + uncalled wins + losses) times 100.
bets vs callshow agressive the player is... (bets + raises) vs (checks plus calls). ratio'd to 1
listin running mode, this list is populated with the players at your table, in stopped mode you can list all players in database.
tooltipsclick "on" to enable floatover help on all the items on this form. ckick off to turn the tooltips off.
Main App Right Area
3 olive bars and textpercentage saw flop, saw turn, saw river
long Dblue Lblue yellow bar and textwins - uncalled wins - losses
small red-green squarered-stopped green-running white-chat activity
short Dblue Lblue yellow bar and textallin wins - uncalled wins - losses
starting handshow loose / tight the player is
aggressionhow aggressive / passive the player is
text boxtype here to search the list (auto scrolls every character typed)
hands:how many hands/cards are listed for this player on the cards panel
stopped/runningwhether or not the session is being recorded or not
PSxPoker logoclick this logo to generate a report on the selected player, changes to selected player while open
Main App Botton Area
start / stoprecord current session
load / clear historycurrent session only or players total history, also loads player list with ALL players
<<show, dock or undock the quickclick odds and the table chat app

please comment to add input to the next build

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