SHIFT poker strategy

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future home of hand play and game play discussions


 a poker tourney strategy season


     During a full club season, a shift player will play a certain style of holdem (which means playing many styles in many hands) with the purpose of  shifting our play toward a more profitable, information driven style of poker. We will be more focused on the right decisions to make in a hand and in a game, and less on the season’s outcome. Play will be discussed in a forum environment. We will not judge ourselves or eachother on wins or losses(but I’m sure our wins will certainly increase). We will (without negativity) discuss the decisions we made that won and lost hands and take responsibility for those decisions. We will open our field of vision to see past the cards, to include the entire, complex, ever changing game and opponnents of texas holdem.


week 1 TAG and READS

Practicing Tight Aggressive play and studying other players styles and tendencies

     Many times in our games all players must fall back on the certain “TAG” playing style. It is our savior, time after time. We will take a good look at this style and practice it during the first week of the season as well as looking for styles and tendencies in other players.



Advertising Tight Aggressive while loosening up, Playing from position, betting, bluffing, isolating and targeting



Odds, Chances and Percentages including drawing odds and pot odds of given situations


week 4  FLOW and THEORY

Adjusting to the flow and texture of a table and game, poker theory and solid play


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